Tip 1.1 - Cyprus Companies - When Doing Business i Cyprus in August expect severe delays
Tip 1.1 – Cyprus Companies – When Doing Business in Cyprus in August expect severe delays

When doing business in August expect severe Delays

August is one of the two hottest months in Cyprus. Sun shines from the cloudless skies for almost 12 hours. At daytime temperatures climb up to 30°C on the west coast, 33°C on the eastern-south coast and 37°C inland where it is always hotter and drier in summer. Source: www.Cyprus-Weather.org.

People are on vacation

August is a popular month for people to take time off and relax. The tradition is that they would return to their villages for the summer brake get together with family and friends. The villages would in turn welcome their returning members by hosting big annual festivals. These annual festivals usually have live music, traditional dance, traditional food and drink.

The alternative of course is to travel, and people like to travel during this period especially to the Greek Islands and other further.

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