Sworn Translators in Cyprus

Law 45(i)/2019 introduced sworn translators and the process of certified translations in Cyprus. Until recently any person able to read and write a language would be able to translate documents from the one language to the other in most cases the courts and public bodies would accept them without any question.

The main aim of this law is to ensure that this very important aspect of the legal process is safeguarded and that the quality of work produced is correct. With this in mind, the above law aims to create a regulatory framework safeguarding everyone’s interest and giving comfort and certainty to the public.

Council of Sworn Translators

In accordance with the above-mentioned law, a council is established which is responsible for the registration of sworn translators. For a person to be registered as a sworn translator they must:

  • Be a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus or of the European Union
  • Have a very good knowledge of the Greek or Turkish Language
  • Be a holder of a degree or a postgraduate diploma in:
    • Translations
    • Foreign Languages, or
    • Other
  • Not be sentenced to a crime
  • Not have been fired by the public service

Once a person is registered as a sworn translator they are allowed to provide certified translation services. Sworn Translators are the only people who may produce an official certified translation in Cyprus.

When do I need a sworn translation in Cyprus?

Sworn translators translate documents intended for official use inside or outside the Republic, such as educational documents, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, criminal records certificates, passports, identity cards, bank accounts, deeds of ownership, company documents, medical reports, legal documents.

The following documents do not need a sworn translation:

  • User Manuals
  • Internal Rules and Internal By-Laws
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Product Lists
  • Technical Specifications
  • Personal mail with the authorities
  • other


The above-mentioned law introduces confidentiality requirements on the sworn translator to keep the information confidential. The law exempts sworn translators from this requirement only if the sworn translator is required to disclose the information to the authorities.

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