Reflect Fest 2022 Celebrating Innovation

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Startups

Reflect Fest 2022 has come and gone as fast as a blink of an eye. The celebration of innovation, technology and things yet to come was hosted in Limassol for its 5th year. This year though more than 5000 participants visited the island and I had the chance to spend some time at the event. So here are my key take aways: 

Government aims to transform Cyprus's into a technological hub of Europe

Goverments bold plan to transform Cyprus into a Tech hub of Europe started a few years ago with the introduction of digital nomad visas and promoting tax breaks for high income workers migrating to Cyprus as well as investment schemes for innovative companis

Private Sector is hard at work

With initiatives such as Tech Island, an already established community of 18.000 employees working in the Tech Industry of Cyprus the private sector is at full speed on benefiting from Cyprus’s most recent endeavour to be a hub for research and innovation in Europe.

Infrastructure needed for the next 10-20 years of growth

The first signs of stress to Cypurs’s infrustructure is clearly visible with huge traffic lines every morning in hot tech spots like Limassol and the absence of sufficient schooling facilities to meet up with demands of the ever growing international population in Cyprus 

Cyprus Beneficial Owner Register

The Cyprus beneficial ownership register is a work in the making. Cyprus though being a complete member of the European Union adopted national legislation to transpose EU Directive 2015/849  generally referred to as the “4th AML Directive” into national legislation. Conitnue Reading . . .

Cyprus Crossborder Mergers

The freedom of establishment is fundamental within the European Union, I have examined the cross border mergers directive in this article along with certain best practices to follow. Continue Reading . . . 

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