The Cyprus government is gearing up to Brexit. The Law aims at allowing UK nationals to exit, enter, reside and permanently reside Cyprus subject to the conditions described below.

Law 121(1)/2019, titled as the Law Regulating the terms for exercising free movement and residence in the Republic from certain nationals the United Kingdom and their families was published on the 26th of July 2019.

Brexit Law

The law’s scope is to specify:

  1. • The terms governing the right to free movement and residence in Cyprus by certain nationals of the United Kingdom and their families
  2. • The terms governing the exercise of the right for a permanent establishment in Cyprus by certain nationals of the United Kingdom and their families
  3. • The restrictions that may be imposed on the rights mentioned above

The law applies to nationals of the United Kingdom which prior to Brexit exercised their right to reside in Cyprus. Additionally, the law applies to their family members which:

  1. • Exercised the right to reside in Cyprus prior to Brexit and continue to reside in Cyprus after Brexit
  2. • Reside outside Cyprus however qualify as a family member
  3. • Where born or legally adopted by the nationals mentioned above

Permanent resident or Occasional Visitor

The right to enter, exit and reside in Cyprus is not lost due to being an occasional visitor to Cyprus.

Residency Certificate

Qualifying nationals of the United Kingdom are entitled to receive a residency certificate. Interested people should apply to the competent government authority along with the required supporting documents.

Equal Treatment

The law further stipulates that United Kingdom nationals shall have equal treatment to those of Cypriot nationals on the subject covered by the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration published on the 19th of February 2019. A reservation is made within the law for social welfare provided.

The legal effect of the law shall be specified by the cabinet of ministers at a later date published in the official newspaper of the Republic of Cyprus. Furthermore, it seems that the guidance notes from the have not been updated yet.

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