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On the 16th of October 2019, Reuters released a Special Report: Khmer Richer – How relatives and allies of Cambodia’s leader amassed wealth overseas. The special report outlines how family members of Cambodia’s long-ruling prime minister, Hun Sen, obtained European citizenship via the Cyprus Investment Programme.

More specifically the report mentions the niece and her husband, who is Cambodia’s national police chief who have invested in Cyprus and applied for citizenship.

The Special Report goes on to specify that Hun Kimleng became a citizen of Cyprus in 2016 and to criticize the policies which Cyprus adopts:

Cyprus seems less strict [Compared to the US placing the individuals on a Visa Blacklist]. In the confidential document, the Cypriot interior minister urges the cabinet to grant citizenship to Neth Savoeun and two grown-up daughters, and notes that they have never visited Cyprus.

The Cyprus Governments Response

As a response to the special report, the Cyprus Government announced that it would investigate the cases referred to in the media.

Current Prohibitions to the Cyprus Investment Programme

On the 25th of July 2019, the cabinet of ministers issued a new Cyprus Investment Programme prohibited person list which would aim to prohibit the granting of the Cyprus Citizenship to anyone falling within the criteria of the decision.

Although the prohibitions seem to be rough and quite restrictive they serve a key purpose.

They ensure that people who are internationally scrutinized, investigated, politically exposed and perform questionable actions will never qualify for the Cyprus Investment Programme.

They ensure that people who are internationally scrutinized, investigated, politically exposed and perform questionable actions will never qualify for the Cyprus Investment Programme.

Accordingly, if the prohibited persons to the Cyprus Investment Programme was introduced a few years ago the family members of Hun Sen would never have qualified for the Cyprus Investment Programme and neither would they have obtained the European citizenship.

[Update as of 7th of March 2020] The Cyprus government has promoted to parliament a proposed amendment to the  Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2019 which would see the possibility to strip Cyprus Citizens from citizens naturalized by investment in accordance with the Cyprus Investment Programme.

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