Cyprus Tax

The Cyprus TAX category aims to capture legal updates, circulars, practices, developments, cases and more.

Cyprus Tax History

With the application of Cyprus to join the EU in 1990 Cyprus’s offshore tax regime which was then applicable required an overall since the then ate of 4,5% was not acceptable. Among the key changes introduced was the need to apply a uniform tax system towards resident and non-tax resident persons.  The great update of the tax system was introduced in June 2002.

With Cyprus’ accession to the European union the threshold of 10% was applied which was then increased to 12.5% during the 2013 financial crisis.

Cyprus Tax Laws updates

Cyprus adopts European Union Directives and Regulations by enacting local laws and issuing guidelines and principals, an example would be ATAD package which is underway to be implemented in Cyprus in 2019 with DAG6 and other global initiatives closely following. This category aims to capture these new laws and consultation papers and give my views on them.

Double Tax Treaties

Cyprus has a series of existing double tax treaty agreements with prominent jurisdictions such as UK, US, Russia, S.Arabia and others. In this category i will be providing relevant updates to any new treaties and protocols to be signed.


Frequently circulars are issued to clarify or to modify practices and process.


Although the majority of assessments are closed before going to court my aim is to be on the look out for any such cases appearing before a district court or in the court of appeal and share that with you.

I hope you enjoy reading about these interesting topics and let me know what you think!


EU Blacklist

EU Blacklist

The EU Blacklist is constantly updated in order to combat bad governance tax practices at an EU level. Latest update of the EU Blacklist Feb.2020