Cyprus 2019 NID Rate

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The Cyprus Department of Taxation has published the rates applicable for the 10 year government rate of each state, which once increased by 3%, constitutes the reference rate for the purposes of the Cyprus Notional Interest Deduction (NID) for the year ended 2019.

Cyprus 2019 NID Rate in practice means that the maximum allowable deduction shall be equal to the reference rate of the jurisdiction of the asset.

Referring back to the initial publication on the Cyprus Notional Interest Deduction (NID) the calculation would be as follows when considering the Cyprus 2019 NID Rate:

#NID CalculationAsset 1 €mAsset 2 €mAsset 3 €mTotal €m
1New Equity505050150
2NID [New Equity x reference Rate]4.764.615.3
3Taxable profit after deduction direct and apportioned indirect expenditure1051227
4NID Cap (80% of the taxable profit [80% x (#3)]849.621.6
5Deductible NID for each asset [lower of (2) and (4)]4.744.620.2
6Taxable profit [(#3)-(#5)]6.8

The scenario above takes into account the Cyprus 2019 NID Rates. A hypothetical investment into India, South Africa and Russia and a varied rate of return per investment.

Cyprus 2019 NID Rates

Abu Dhabi2.5142.302
Dubai ($US)3.1604.7224.402
Isle of Man1.7122.305
Israel ($US)2.5203.900
Kazakhstan ($US)2.5664.2324.2045.311
Kazakhstan ( )0.9662.463
Belarus ($US)5.3507.2265.946
South Africa9.0189.2068.780
The Netherlands-0.0600.3830.501
Ukraine ($US)6.50410.7807.2228.7059.622
Russia ($US)2.6055.0203.8224.4096.6006.580
Saudi Arabia2.7784.722
Czech Republic1.5691.8841.6500.4140.499
Honk Kong1.6991.9461.754

The reference rates above mentioned are extracted from the Cyprus Tax Departments publication. You may access them by following the above link.

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