Annual levy strike-off

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Cyprus Companies

Annual Levy strike-off for unpaid years 2012-2021. The Department of the Companies has today, 3rd of November 2022 announced that it will strike-off of the register of incorproated entities any Cyprus company that has not paid any annual levy for the years of 2012 untill 2021

In August of 2022, while everyone was on vacation the Department of Companis published in the official gazette almost 300 pages of companies that it has stuck off the registrar. With this in mind, and without a doubt if your entity has an unpaid levy for the years 2012 until 2021 then they will notify you and ask for payment. 

Annual levy 

Section 391 of the Cyprus Companies law requires every entity registered with the department to pay annual levy. Although discussions to eliminate this levy have been ongoing it seems that we are far from its abolishment. 


The Department of Companies in Cyprus has this right stike-off a company if it does not pay its annual levy, in accordance with Section 327(2a) (b) of the Cyprus Companis Law to strike. 

How to check if your company has paid the annual levy for every year 


In 3 simple steps you can quickly find out whether your company has paid the levy for all relevant years or not. 

E-Filing portal to check whether your Cyprus Company has paid its annual levies

Step 1

Visit the e-filing portal. No codes are needed.

at the E-filing portal, carry out a search on your company, either by name or by registration number. Once you locate it click on it to proceed to the details

Step 2

Carry out a search on your company, either by name or by number and identify your Cypriot Company

By clicking on Statement of Annual Company Fee you will see the years for which the payment was made

Step 3

Click on the last tap “Κατάσταση Πληρωμών Ετήσιου Τέλους” or “Statement of Annual Company Fee” 

The list provided will specify the years for which the payment has been made.

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