The author has extensive experience in Cyprus were for many years he has worked and devoted his skills and efforts towards building a successful career as a leading executive. From humble beginings, his aim has always been to yield results with a keen focus for attention to detail and client satisfaction.

His experience has always been varied and not specific, at times he preferred it so simply because life is very boring doing the same things over and over again. With that in mind he has dealt with CySEC on a few occasions, international fund managers, NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies occasional millionaires as well as self-made millionaires.

You can rely on him for solid corporate law and an excellent understanding of accounting, tax, AML, financing arrangements, funds, and NPL practice as applicable in Cyprus

I enjoy the sea, I enjoy working out, I enjoy quality time and I think I’m going to enjoy writing this blog. The blog is not a new invention but rather it has been around for many years however after a systems crash and failure all its content has been lost and currently it is being rebuilt.

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