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Posts tagged ‘Guidance on the New levy of 350 Euro’

Registrar of Companies extents the payment of the New Levy of €350

The payment of the Levy of €350 will continue without any chargers says the Registrar of Companies for those Cyprus companies which are required to pay the new levy of of €350.  Read more

Electronic Payment of the New Levy of €350 on Cyprus Companies

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Bar Association and on the Cyprus Registrar of Companies have issued  announcements which iinform the public that the new levy of €350 on Cyprus Companies may be paid electronically through the website of the department of Registrar of Companies

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Guidance on the New Levy of €350 on Cyprus Companies

It has come to my attention that several people , especially owners of small business, are wondering how the new levy will be paid and how the exemptions on the levy apply. In my previous post I have interpreted the law in it’s literal form (see this Wikipedia page) since my last post though guidance has been circulated by the Registrar of Companies and the Cyprus Bar Association as to:

  • Which companies should pay the new levy of 350 Euros!
  • How is the new levy of 350 Euros paid!
  • Further guidance on the exemptions provided by the relevant law! Read more