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Posts from the ‘Private Company Limited by Shares’ Category

Subscribers – Private Company Limited by Shares

The term “subscribers” means the persons signing a Cyprus company’s memorandum of association. They may be considered  the founders of a Cyprus company however rarely this is the case. A Cyprus company may be incorporated with a single member, i.e. a single subscriber, and then subsequently issue shares to numerous investors. Only the initial shareholder will considered a subscriber.

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Private Company Limited by Shares-Post Incorporation

So your certificate of incorporation has been issued by the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus and the Cyprus company is now ready to start carrying on it’s business and activities … what do you do and which steps are to be taken ? Read more

Private Company Limited By Shares – Incorporation

Most people consider incorporating a company the hardest part of setting up an international tax efficient structure. However we all know that a highly active companies requires a little more, some talent, bite of charisma, knowledge, consistency and above all professionalism. Incorporating or as sometimes referred registering a Cyprus private company limited by shares requires the following steps. Read more

Private Company Limited by Shares – Limited Liability

Now and again we see “Limited” placed after the name of companies, however what does this mean and what are its effect ? Read more

Private Company Limited by Shares – Share Capital

Cyprus private companies enjoy almost no restrictions on the structure of their share capital. There is legally no minimum threshold to be satisfied other than being denominated to 1/100 of any currency (e.g. €0,01 and US$ 0,01) and accordingly no maximum sum, furthermore thin capitalization rules do not apply in Cyprus.
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