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Harris Sharpe has extensive experience working in Cyprus were for many years he has worked and devoted his skills and efforts towards building a successful career as a leading executive. From humble beginnings, his aim has always been to yield results; with a keen focus for attention to detail and client satisfaction.

His experience has always been varied and not specific, at times he preferred it so simply because life is not challenging if you do not have variance. With that in mind he has dealt with CySEC on licensing and ongoing regulation, international private equity and credit fund managers, NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies occasional millionaires as well as self-made millionaires. His passion though is difficult transaction work organizing and deploying people for a common goal.

You can rely on corporate & commercial law matters and having an excellent understanding of accounting, tax, AML, financing arrangements, funds, and NPL practice as applicable in Cyprus. You can even reach out to him for day to day matters or difficulties that you may encounter while working with Cypriot providers and matters.


Harris studied law at Leeds Becket University where he successfully received an LLB (Hons), after that his eagerness to work and grow within the job lead him to start his training-ship at a leading local law firm in Limassol after which time he was called to the Cyprus Bar. Harris continued his academic studies over a period of 4 years where he successfully received an LLM in International Legal Practice from the University of Law in the UK.


Harris enjoy’s the sea, working out and quality time with friends and family. The latest of projects is this blog where he aims to publish blog posts regarding Cyprus Practice on the matters he is familiar with.

This blog is not a new invention but rather it has been around since 2011. Sadly thought after a systems failure all its content had been lost and currently it is being rebuilt from scratch.


The things that bother me the most get a spot on my blog

Beneficial Ownership Register

Cyprus being a full member of the European Union recently adopted national legislation to transpose EU Directive 2015/849  generally referred to as the '4th AML Directive' into national legislation. How has the national legislation been applied though and is it sufficient?

Cease-Auction, Cyprus NPL

Cypriot NPL at 34.1% compared with the EU average of 3.1% of total loans. Why is the Cypriot parliament then passing laws to reduce effectivness of current legislative process and will the president revert the law for a second reading